15 Hottest Sports Women Ever

Jennie FinchJennie Finch is the most famous softball player of all time. Finch has appeared in SI’s swimsuit issue and won an online ESPN.com poll naming her hottest female athlete.

Maria SharapovaMaria Sharapova is absolutely stunning, but she’s also a phenomenal athlete which makes her all the more attractive. While some women make this list almost primarily for their looks, Sharapova is just as noteworthy for her career achievements. Watching her play is always an enjoyable experience.

Allison StokkeAllison Stokke is a college pole vaulter who caused a massive stir on the internet when some rather mundane competition photos of her were found online.

Jelena DokicJelena Dokic is a Serbian tennis player who immigrated to Australia in 1994. She’s pretty curvy for a tennis player, but still features the usual awesome long legs.

Michelle KwanMichelle Kwan is probably the most overall successful figure skater in American history, and she’s also one of the greatest figure skaters of all time. She started skating when she was 8, waking up at 3 AM to practice for three to four hours a day. Like most American female figure skaters, Kwan has spent some time acting, and has even done voice work for Family Guy and The Simpsons.

Karina PetroniKarina Petroni is possibly the greatest female surfer in the world. She’s only 20 years old, but her attractiveness has already made her a prime endorsement candidate, and she’s the frontwoman for numerous brands, including SoBe/Pepsi and Chevrolet.

Dorothy HamillAmerica was in love with Dorothy Hamill in the 70’s, going so far as to make her short bobbed haircut a national fad. She won the gold medal for figure skating at the 1976 Winter Olympics.

Ana Paula MancinoAna Paula Mancino is a Brazilian volleyball player.

Maria KirilenkoMaria Kirilenko is a Russian tennis player in the mold of Maria Sharapova, only not quite there yet. She’s rapidly catching up though, having recently signed to be the face of Adidas tennis.

Carling BassettCarling Bassett primarily made her living as a tennis player back in the 80’s, but she made just as big of a splash as a fashion model with the Ford Modeling Agency. She also made some appearances on television and in film. Bassett is now retired and operating a tennis academy with Chris Evert, someone you’ll see further up on this list.

Swin CashA lot of guys treat the WNBA as a bit of a joke, but a few of the players are definitely worth watching. Swin Cash is one of those players. She led the University of Connecticut to two different national titles and carried that success into the WNBA, winning a title with Detroit in her second WNBA season.

Natalie Coughlin
Natalie Coughlin is an incredibly successful American swimmer who won five medals at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens. She’s getting into broadcasting, and spent time as an in-studio host for MSNBC during the 2006 Winter Olympics.

Tara LipinskiTara Lipinski is an American figure skater who won the gold medal in 1998 at the age of 15. To this day she’s the youngest gold medalist in Winter Olympic history.

Laura BaughBaugh was named Golf Digest’s 1972 “Most Beautiful Golfer.” She eventually struggled with alcholism, four marriages, and a bleeding disorder that nearly killed her (and was brought on by her drinking), but she eventually cleaned up at Betty Ford and wrote a tell all book in 1999.

Alina KabayevaAlina Kabayeva is a rythmic gymnast who is world renowned for her incredible flexibility.

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