Thursday, July 15, 2010

Belen Francese Sexy Pics - High Quality Hot Scans from Maxim Argentina

  sexy belen francese in maxim

belen francese naked in maxim
belen francese in maxim
It takes a big mind to say "balls" to footie legend Diego Maradona, but that's exactly what Belen Francese allegedly did. As an ex-stripper, the curvaceous wonder-stunner shot to fame when she refused to perform for the 'Hand of God'. Since then, she's gone onto become a superstar model, a massive TV personality, and basically, just one of the most beautiful women known to womankind.

It's no wonder her fame is spreading much further than her South American home. If that booty alone doesn't cause feverish perspiration under your shirt collar, then it's probably advisable to check your pulse!

Many thanks to Maxim Argentina for this incredible shoot.

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